Insulated beaings insocoat bearings

Insulated bearing refers to the general name that can block the current through and the bearing itself has insulating performance.Its insulation performance is usually a special process in the bearing outer ring or inner ring coated with a layer of insulating material, or its rolling body is made of ceramic to ensure.The name of electrical insulation bearing is international bearing code.Outer ring insulated bearing code VL0241, inner ring insulated bearing code VL2071.

Insulated bearing refers to the general name that can block the current through and the bearing itself has insulating performance.Its insulation performance is usually a special process in the bearing outer ring or inner ring coated with a layer of insulating material, or its rolling body is made of ceramic to ensure.The name of electrical insulation bearing is international bearing code.Outer ring insulated bearing code VL0241, inner ring insulated bearing code VL2071.

The insulating bearing adopts special spraying process, and the outer surface of the bearing is coated with high quality film. The film has strong bonding force with the matrix and good insulation performance. It can avoid the electroerosion effect of induced current on the bearing, prevent the damage caused by current to grease, rolling body and raceway, and improve the service life of the bearing.The process has been continuously improved to insulatingbearings with a 100μm thick coating on the outer or inner ring surfaces to withstand voltages up to 1000 V DC.Special spraying process can form a layer of uniform thickness, strong and uniform adhesion coating, after further treatment to make it can not be affected by moisture and humidity.

Snail Bearing Co.,Ltd can offer big ranges of insulated bearings,please kindly see the products lines we can offer as follows:

1.Insulated deep groove ball bearings

6312M/C3VL0241       6313M/C3VL0241        6314M/C3VL0241          6315M/C3VL0241
6316M/C3VL0241       6317M/C3VL0241        6318M/C3VL0241          6319M/C3VL0241
6320M/C3VL0241       6322M/C3VL0241        6326M/C3VL0241          6328M/C3VL0241    

2.Insulated taper roller bearings

30316/C3VL0241        30317/C3VL0241        30318/C3VL0241             30319/C3VL0241
30320/C3VL0241       30322/C3VL0241        30324 /C3VL0241            30326/C3VL0241
30328/C3VL0241       30330/C3VL0241        32024/C3VL0241             32928/C3VL0241    

 3.Insulated cylindrical roller bearings

NU312ECM/C3VL0241             NU313ECM/C3VL0241                 NU314ECM/C3VL0241
NU315ECM/C3VL0241             NU316ECM/C3VL0241                 NU317ECM/C3VL0241
NU318ECM/C3VL0241             NU319ECM/C3VL0241                 NU320ECM/C3VL0241
NU322ECM/C3VL0241             NU326ECM/C3VL0241                 NU328ECM/C3VL0241    

4.Insulated spherical roller bearings

22216 CA/W33VL0241            22218 CA/W33VL0241                  24152 CC/W33VL0241
23144 CC/W33VL0241            22224 CAK/W33VL0241               23130 CC/W33VL0241
23130 CCK/W33VL0241         23044 CCK/W33VL0241               22224 MB/W33VL0241    

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