GEH-ES-2RS spherical plain bearing

Spherical plain bearings can carry high-capacity radial and axial loads in a small envelope due to a large contact area and ideal for static oscillatory applications found in the mining and construction industries.

Spherical plain bearings can carry high-capacity radial and axial loads in a small envelope due to a large contact area and ideal for static oscillatory applications found in the mining and construction industries. SNAIL BEARIGN CO.,LTD can offer big ranges of such products ,please see more details as follows:

Bearing No.DimensionsBasic Load RatingWeight
GEH15ES / GEH15ES-2RS15301610250.30.316211060.049
GEH17ES / GEH17ES-2RS17352012290.30.319301460.083
GEH20ES / GEH20ES-2RS2042251635.50.30.617482400.153
GEH25ES / GEH25ES-2RS2547281840.70.60.617623100.203
GEH30ES / GEH30ES-2RS30553220470.6117793990.304
GEH35ES / GEH35ES-2RS35623522530.6116994950.408
GEH40ES / GEH40ES-2RS40684025600.61171276370.542
GEH45ES / GEH45ES-2RS45754328660.61151567800.713
GEH50ES / GEH50ES-2RS50905636800.611724512201.4
GEH60ES / GEH60ES-2RS60105634092111731315602.05
GEH70ES / GEH70ES-2RS701207045105111640020003.01
GEH80ES / GEH80ES-2RS801307550115111448824403.64
GEH90ES / GEH90ES-2RS901508555130111560730305.22
GEH100ES / GEH100ES-2RS1001608555140111465432706.05

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